Mercedes Boys Powerlifting Final Results 2018 Weslaco East Invitational

Results for Mercedes Boys Powerlifting at the 2018 Weslaco East Invitational:
Mercedes Boys (25 points) 4th Place
114-lb: John Ortega (855 total) 2nd Place
123-lb: Mark Ortega (965 total) 1st Place
165-lb: Jorge Cavazos (1330 total) 1st Place
165-lb: Jerred Fuentes (1070 total) 4th Place
165-lb: Jose Colunga (1000 total) 5th Place
242-lb: JR Salinas (1300 total) 4th Place
242-lb: Jerry Jasso (970 total) 9th Place
SHW: Danny Melendez (1480 total) 3rd Place

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